greeniefru (greeniefru) wrote in chris_nolan,

Kudos to Chris!

It doesn't look like anyone posts here right now but just wanted to drop in and say that following Batman Begins Chris is now established as one of my favourite directors. Memento was one of my fave films already and I also liked Insomnia but I was not completely sure how he's make the switch to Hollywood-blockbuster but I shouldn't have doubted him for a second. He has taken Batman, stripped away all the guff and the sour taste left by 'Batman and Robin' and made not just a really good Superhero movie, but also a really good stand alonee FILM.

It is poretty much a lockk that they are making a sequel to Batman Begins but I hear that Nolan has not yet signed on. I REALLY hope he does because I fear the next installment could fall apart (again) if left in the hands of a less capable director.
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