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After a year of absence from livejournal, nothing but the love of Nolan could bring me back.

I have nothing to say as of right now about this man that all of you do not already know, so I'll save my "HOLYFUCKHEISGOD" spiel for another time.

Anyone have any news on The Exec or The Prestige? I know it's been announced that Nolan is to do The Exec before working on the next Batman installment (which I sincerely hope he does), but I haven't heard much about The Prestige, other than it's high in his priorities and Jonathan is supposedly writing the script, if he has not already done so. Apparently, the book's author, Christopher Priest, is thrilled about the prospect of working with our Christopher. Good then; hurry up and let's have the film then. Any information on these upcoming projects would be lovely, if any of you dears knows anything.

On to goodness! Here is a lovely Nolan interview. It's all about Batman, Batman and Batman. He talks about his first memories of the Dark Knight and what it was like to work with His Royal Bale-ness in costume. You need Windows to view it. Oh, and to be a help, click on the link that says CHRIS NOLAN. Yes.



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