Craig (logiebegins) wrote in chris_nolan,

Hm, I wonder what Nolan's going to do next. As much as I want to see that Batman sequel, I really don't want him to rush into it. If we have to wait till 2008 for a batman begins 2 (God, as long as its not called 'Batman Continues' or 'Batman Progresses Further') then I'm fine with long as when the credits roll it clearly states "A Christopher Nolan Film". I've heard he's going to do a picture called "The Exec" before Batman, which is also based on a graphic novel apparently. Another film I've heard his name attached to (although can't remember the title of at the moment) is about competing magicians in the 13th century or something, which would also be wonderful. Ohwell, until then we have the 'Memento' 3 disc, and Batman er, Begins again on DVD soon =)

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